Pulse News App: Get All your Favorite News Website Articles in One Place!

Pulse News App: Get All your Favorite News Website Articles in One Place!

Every day, people are relying more and more on mobile devices to stay informed with current events. Whether you’re on your way to work, the classroom, or just need a leisurely read to get you by, News Apps help us stay aware and up-to-date with what’s going on around us. There are many New Apps out there that provide sufficient information but are restricted to that one Apps articles and authors. Many people have several different apps that give them what they want from a particular field or genre, for example, one app for video game news and another for movies and another for music. Why go from app to app when you can have all your favorite and most trusted sources in one easy to navigate place. “Pulse News” is your quintessential source for all things news.

Pulse News App

Pulse takes your news-paper and magazine websites and presents them into what the app calls a “colorful and interactive mosaic”. The interface is cleverly laid out to provide the reader with a simple yet informative stream of articles. The title of the website is presented at the top of each selected source with all current articles from that site neatly placed under it with a brief topic sentence and icon sized picture. You can slide you finger across the screen to reveal more articles. Reading an article is as easy as tapping on it and being directed to a summary of the article, another tap takes you to the entire article.

You can create different tabs for different areas of interest, one can be for worldly news, and another can be designated for your home cooking needs. Within those tabs, you can add as many sources related to that topic as you desire. You can edit the name of the tab and call it “TECH” for instance and all your “TECH” website sources appear there. The app has an abundance of news sources and you can even add your own if can’t find your favorite ones.

Pulse News offers the option of creating an account for a deeper news reading experience. You can favorite articles in which they are automatically saved for future reading and/or reference. The app is also can be synced to other apps such as Instapaper and Evernote and shared via Facebook , Twitter, and email. Pulse News is available across all Apple and Android devices. All of this is available free of charge! Give it a try today!

Christian Diaz is a freelance writer and tech enthusaist.

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