App Review - ScatterBrain

App Review - ScatterBrain

Ever get an awesome idea and just had to write it down somewhere for quick reference? If your one of those people with endless sheets of scribbled on paper flying out of your bag then Scatterbrain is for you. It’s the closest thing to an actual notebook in the palm of your hands that lets you gather and organize all of your thoughts as they happen.

Inside ScatterBrain

ScatterBrain will help you keep track of anything from a random idea that pops into your head to a list of groceries easily and quickly. With many note-taking apps out there, ScatterBrain is easily the most “simple yet versatile” of them with its user friendly interface and helpful features that keep your ideas organized in one place. The app lets you sort thoughts in different tabs which you can be named and assigned a color for quick access. Let’s say you make an “Important Idea” tab, that would be the name and you might designate the color red as the tabs color to signify its importance. The app offers reminders that you can assign to thoughts to help you keep track of things like meetings and appointments. You can also sync your thoughts for online backup and restore purposes.

Whether you are a ScatterBrain or not, this app will prove to be beneficial for anyone who likes taking notes as reminders. You can follow then on Twitter here or like them on Facebook here.

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