PayPal’s First In-Store Payment Integration

PayPal’s First In-Store Payment Integration

PayPal has announced an in-store payment technology. PayPal has said it is testing the new payment system with Home Depot Inc. This new technology allows shoppers to pay for items without the use of cash or a normal credit card.

According to Paypal, the trial run program is being tested in five Home Depot stores. Shoppers can pay for items using PayPal by typing in their phone numbers. The phone number is connected to the customer’s PayPal account. There is also an alternative. The alternative is a personal-identification number that you must type into a payment terminal.

Paypal is also expected to debut a credit card-like card with a magnetic strip. This card will work like a normal credit card or debit card and will be tied to PayPal accounts.

If all goes smooth and well Paypal is expected to implement this new system in all Home Depot stores and expand to other companies and stores.

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