App Review - Ski On Neon

App Review - Ski On Neon

If you are or have ever been a skier- this app is going to bring back some serious memories…dude. Available for free for the iPhone, this game is not only addicting but certainly provides a variety of value for its price of nothing! The game is simple in nature but offers endless entertainment.

Let's Go Skiing!

Upon entering the app for the first time, the introductory page offers the option of a quick and helpful tutorial that explains that tapping the screen on down-hills will allow the skier to go faster, and leaving the screen on up hills is the key to success. After that, the user is brought to the main screen that displays options for settings, leaderboards, achievements, the red menace, and play. The settings section simply allows you to view the how-to tutorial again as well as select from 8 choices in background ‘chill’ music. Leadersboards and achievements selections take you to your device’s game center. The red menace is an updated version which is available for purchase upon tapping. Upon selecting the play option, users can choose from the following courses: high flyer speed trials, tech slopes, challenge vertigo, challenge air time, challenge slide pro, multi-player (pass and play).

Once selecting your favorite game (all of which function the same but offer a different challenge) the user is brought to the neon ‘course,’ the clock is set and the race begins! Through a series of neon colored hills, users guide a skeleton looking version of themselves through the course in hopes to beat the clock. Time is kept on the upper left corner and the race to ‘tuck’ through the finish always prevails as a nail bitter. This is a great app that former skiers and gamers will be playing…snow or sun!

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