App Review - TrailHit

App Review - TrailHit

For those who might think smartphones hold back people from socializing or just being out in the open, this app will come at a surprise. TrailHit is nothing short of genius in its idea and implementation. This is a treasure hunting game that uses gps and mapping utilities to guide you to the treasures that ultimately unlock something called the Great Device, which you will know more about as you follow the compelling story line. TrailHit is an excellent time waster whether you do the hunting with your friends or just by yourself.

Get Your Maps Ready!

TrailHit is essentially a geo-caching game with an elaborate back story. I mentioned a little bit of it previously, but the main idea is to hit the trails and find scrolls in order to find the Great Device. There are 16 scrolls, and each one has 32 missing pieces. You can use the map feature to find the missing pieces which are held in the boxes spread in the map. You can use the “Shadowy Trails” feature of the app to find the missing pieces when you are home or just don’t want to go outside. You can also purchase the missing pieces from the “Trail Market” using the gold you achieve from the boxes you found on the map or using the “Shadowy Trails” feature.

When you finally find all the scrolls and get all the scroll wheels activated, you have to hit the trail again to activate the Great Device. But before you activate it, it will ask you need to solve a puzzle with clues hidden in the scrolls themselves. Once you get everything done, you get to be the savior and save the earth from the bad folks.


I have never come across anything like this game ever in my life before and I cannot recommend it enough. I have actually spent quite a bit time playing this game and I believe that you guys will enjoy this game as well. It is free at the moment and the developer promised a paid version soon. But I would suggest you download this app right away and emerge yourself in this wonderful quest. All of this might sound a little overwhelming to you, but when you understand everything you are going to have a hard time staying home because of the urge to solve the final puzzle

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