Movie Clock. Know Exactly When A Movie Is Coming Out!

Movie Clock. Know Exactly When A Movie Is Coming Out!

Movie clock is one of those apps that upon the main screen loading you will literally say out loud ‘cool;’ or at least I did! One of the only apps of its kind, it is available for free for the iPhone and iPad. The main idea behind the app lies in its very title- it is just that, acting as a clock for movies that are to soon be released. This app is not only a quick reminder, but offers much more in regards to features.

So When Does That Movie Come Out Again?

The main screen of the app displays a typical looking list that includes a vast number of films that are either coming out soon are on high demand for release. Once you select a movie, you are brought to a screen that displays the trailer image along with a count down clock (including days, hours, minutes, and seconds to release date) as well as options to buy tickets, tweet, obtain movie info, or check in at the theater once you are there. Another great feature is that you can actually set an alarm that will remind you of the movie release.

Some other great features which are displayed along the bottom of the screen include ‘My Reminders,’ ‘Show times,’ and ‘Settings.’ My reminders is an aggregation of all of the movie release alarms you may have set. The Show times feature is great because it brings the user directly to Fandango in app, enabling you to reserve tickets seamlessly. The settings feature allows you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, manage check-ins, and set a time for movie release reminders. Whether you are a movie buff or just can not wait to see The Hunger Games, this app is user friendly and the perfect addition to your family of entertainment based apps!

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