aVirtualInterview. Finally An App That Will Help You Nail That Job Interview!

aVirtualInterview. Finally An App That Will Help You Nail That Job Interview!

Finally you have gotten that dream interview, for that position you have been dreaming of forever. But before you get that job, there is still the painful interview you must go through. You might be thinking, “Who knows what they will ask?” Well aVirtualInterview, an iPhone and iPad app, knows what you will be asked, and how to answer those painstaking questions.

Put That Inteview In The Palm Of Your Hand

aVirtualInterview includes the following features that will help you prepare for that dream job interview:

  • 47 job interview questions
  • 47 job interview answers
  • 47 job interview pieces of advice

Another great part of this app is that it is video based. Having videos is a big plus and very helpful. Hearing and visualizing helps keep the tips and answers in your mind, while the boring text in other apps is just forgotten. I definitely recommend this app to all; it will come handy, especially in this economy. I can easily see this app being a hit with college students in their senior year looking to step into the big pond, or anyone who needs to be on top of their interviewing skills.

There is a free version of this app for users to download and test. The full version just costs a small fee of 99 cents, a small investment for a big return.

Jordan Banafsheha is a freelance web developer and blogger. Visit his blog or contact him for info on his development services.

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