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GiveMeApps - Paris Shopping For The iPhone and iPad

Platform: iPhone / iPad
OS: iOS 3.2+
Model: All
Version: 1.0.1
Release: 11-30-2010
File Size: 10.7 MB
Developer: Chicwalks Media Inc.
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Price: .99
WELCOME! Paris Shopping Tour Experts since 2005 | Featured in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S Best Girlfriends Getaways Worldwide and in MORE MAGAZINE (April 2009 in a 9 page article titled “The French Connection”)
Let us lead you to the best shopping areas in the Fashion Capital of the world, Paris! Our ChicWalks Shopping app has hit Top 10 Apps--Featured in MacWorld, National Geographic, Flare, NBC, Global TV and many more.

PARIS SHOPPING LITE: In your web browser, go to to preview the app for free, then come back and download it to your device.

Through leading hundreds of visitors over the past 5 years on shopping tours, we’ve uncovered all the best areas to shop. And guess what? Contrary to popular belief, you will be able to afford more than an Eiffel Tower keychain as it is possible to find great bargains in Paris, you just have to know where to look. But if high end suits your taste and budget, we've documented some interesting areas for you to explore, as well as areas that are affordable for most people.

Save your precious time! We’ve done all the research for you, so just open the app and browse through the GPS-enriched shopping walks. They are sorted as follows:

* By Arrondissement (district or area of the city)
* By Price Range (Pas Cher!, Affordable for Most, Money is No Object)
* By Experience (Discount Shopping, Grands Magasins, Passages, Pedestrian Streets, Residential Trendy, Street Markets)

* 17 Walks in the most popular districts of Paris including Saint-Germain-des-Pres and also little known ‘insider’ shopping areas
* Let us introduce you to unique shopping adventures such as the Passages (stone covered walkways that were the original concept of 'shopping malls' built in the 19th century)
* In-app GPS-mapping literally walks you to the shopping without leaving the app
* Push notification alerts you when your favorite walks have been updated or new walks have been added - check back often!
* Discover the major attractions are nearby the shopping walks you choose
* Nearest-Me Tinting: the walks closest to your present location tint to a pink color for easy and intuitive navigation

* First-Time and Returning Visitors. (hit the shopping ground running instead of spending precious time researching and trying to put together a strategic plan; pre-browse the listings)

* Locals. Preview what’s new or branch out to discover a new area or stores you never thought to check out
* Vicarious Shoppers. Can’t afford to shop or travel right now? No problem. Shop vicariously with our app and go on an adventure right from your mobile phone or better yet, your iPad!

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