VIRUSfighter Kicks Butt!!! A Must Have App For Android! Protect Your Android Device Now!

VIRUSfighter Kicks Butt!!!

Internet surfing is a must with smart phones today. Whether you’re on the train, on the toilet or …. You are more than likely to whip out your smart phone to browse the web. Now that smart phones are basically computers, they also are vulnerable to be affected by a virus. Well spamfighter looks to make your mobile a lot faster than most other anti-virus apps found on the market.
VIRUSfighter Android is the newest addition to the VIRUSfighter family of security products, designed from the ground up to protect your Android device from the latest malware threats. VIRUSfighter Android is designed to be easy to use. The app checks your downloaded applications before you use them. VIRUSfighter also has the ability to schedule scans so you never forget to keep your device protected. The app gives the user a choice whether you want to do a quick scan or a deep scan.
The application’s virus database is updated regularly. Any user can follow detailed progress of what the app was scanning, and track progress by going into the app. Regardless if its a quick scan or a deep scan the same exact amount of files will be scanned and checked for any threats. For such an easy duty and free app Virusfighter does its job very well. Finally there is an app with no extra confusing features that leaves you in need of a tutorial. VIRUSfighter is definitely an application that is worth downloading.
Brooklyn Midas is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast.

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