Nonomatic Is An Automatic Puzzle Zooming Game For Android

Nonomatic Is An Automatic For Android

Do you have some free time to dibble and dabble on your Android phone?  Are you a gamer that loves to play at your own pace? Nonomatic allows you to puzzle your mind. This application gives permission to use logic to fill in squares and draw a picture! The Android app is suitable for players of all ages. For those who love directions, there is an interactive tutorial to show you how to play Nonomatic!
Many gamers won’t be annoyed by solving a mystery out of every puzzle. Each rock solid puzzle design leaves no room for guessing! The app happens to be very straightforward to begin with but it gets significantly trickier when the grid size gets bigger. For the frequent game user, it combines elements of things like Sudoku and the legendary Minesweeper which makes the app simple to understand. Nonomatic includes 50 free puzzles in four different puzzle sizes: 5x5, 10x10, 15x15, and 20x20!f
Nonomatic also records how long each puzzle took to solve; try to beat your own records! If you think you might be among the fastest to solve a puzzle, you can log into the service and post your times onto a leader board. Many have already found the game engrossing, which gives the perception that you will be spending lots of time working through the puzzles. If you get weary there is no need to stress, it has automatic progress saving so you can take a break and pick up where you left off!  Even better this applications has no ads and is completely free! 

Brooklyn Midas is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast.

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