What Color Are You? Color Test For The iPhone.

What Color Are You?

Any individual that has gone through the school system may remember taking personality tests to reveal what type of temperament and behavioral aspects that you’re associated with. Well the Color-Test app will drive you wild revealing who you are much better than any school test or guidance counselor. 


The main theme of this app is simplicity. People’s attraction to certain colors and combinations of colors changes from moment to moment, because colors are representative of our deepest and most complex thoughts.Color-Test also offers encouraging tips for behavioral problem solving and improving social interchanges. Although there are no fancy graphics, the simple animation is still appealing. The basic premise is that the completed test results will show how personal preference and refusal of colors is based on situation or experience. Once you have completed test is complete, it can be saved and emailed for future reference.

With a monochromatic display background, the app presents a broad selection of combinations represented by otherwise identical rainbow colored dolls. The test also emphasizes your strengths and how to further improve them. Even though this app does not qualify as a game, it happens to still be entertaining and allows you learn something about yourself you may never have known. This application is now available for the iPhone and is free as well.

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