Splash Math For iOS. A Fun But Serious, Interactive Workbook Style Educational App Designed To Put Your Kid At The Head Of The Class!

Splash Math For iOS

Kids love to have fun, so why not make learning fun. Splash Math is a useful education tool for students of grade 1. Your child can take as much or as little time as they like without any ‘timer anxiety’. This is really a full-featured app. The app can assign this itself if it sees your child struggling with a concept.

Splash Into Mathematics

The Splash Math application is designed to function as a workbook, that is only colorful, digital, and touch-screen interactive!  It has a 15 set skilled based chapters contain over 200 math concepts which are designed to help children practice math facts in a spiral-based way The app introduces bits and pieces of the different chapters as the child progresses through the program. It will gradually increase in difficulty through three levels being easy, medium, and hard. The app offers an array of topics. Such topics cover the following: Addition and subtraction concepts, place value, data and graphs, geometry, money and more. This app is very customizable. You can turn certain chapters on or off or ask your child to complete extra practice in a specific chapter. The app will assign this itself if it sees your child struggling with a concept.

Splash Math is a serious educational app. With a nearly endless number of questions available in fifteen different chapter-based skill sets, this is a very complete math app for extra practice or remedial work. This app is designed mainly for iPhone/iPod devices and looks crisp and clear on them. It also runs on the iPad in 2x mode but is a bit fuzzy. The iPad version is crisp and clear, providing a colorful underwater environment for your child to practice their math in.

This app isn’t designed to give direct instruction, but to provide practice. The questions are largely multiple choice.

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