Traffic Hero For iPhone and the iPad! A Fast Paced Action Game!

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Platform: iPhone / iPad
OS: Multi-Platforms Available
Version: 1.5
Release: 4-10-2012
File Size: 34mb
Developer: Artery Studios
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Price: FREE
Traffic Hero is a fast-paced action game where players must swipe cars into the correct lane before they leave the screen. It's addictive, cute, fun.

Come on, help Officer Bob! Swipe your fingers across the screen to move the cars in the right lane! Be careful about cars leaving in the wrong lane! Don't let them ruin your day.


Traffic Hero features three game modes:

Story Mode - which eases you into gameplay, drives you through nice sceneries all with the guidance of Officer Bob.

Survivor Mode - where you simply cannot miss any cars, they all must be swiped into the right lane or you'll lose. -> on iPad there's a split screen 2 player versus mode also!

Arcade Mode - where there are no lives yet you only have 60 seconds to make the best out of it -> on iPad there's a split screen 2 player versus mode also!


Traffic Hero supports Game Center so why not collect all the achievements (won't be easy though) ? Why not challenge your friends in Arcade or Survivor modes to find out who's best ?
Don't let Officer Bob down!

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