PunchIn For Android - The Best Timesheet App Available

PunchIn For Android - Trouble With Keeping Track of Office Hours?

The Timesheet PunchIn app is a timesheet! Are you sick and tired of keeping logs with people’s hours on a daily basis? Do you want to avoid being jerked out of your pennies earned?  Well if you want to skip the bad business, I suggest you download this application!

Exactly What I Need To Record The Times I Get In And Out Of The Office.
It allows you to save the amount of time you spend on each task using the simple 'punch in, punch out' system. Now you may be asking yourself does this app cater to real life contractors.  In actuality Timesheet PunchIn was built by contractors!

The app was built in order to allow contractors or employees to focus on their work which ensures that the amount of time and effort spent on individual tasks during business hours are easily stored and reported on. The app also contains the ability the ability to add an overtime rate (for example, time and a half or double time), an hourly rate and a mileage rate on a per client basis to be calculated in your billing reports.

Timesheet PunchIn doesn’t annoy you with formatting a report seeing how it compatible in HTML, CSV, XML and JSON. Keeping in contact with your clients should not be an issue. The app allows you to keep a client list, import your contact list and email them at the same time.

Timesheet PunchIn also has widget to display running day total and status bar notification when checked in. I know one’s biggest fear is to lose any information, which is why the app has integrated backup and restore. This app is free and for Android, but to have complete control of all it’s features you must purchase the pro version.
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