Fluid Notes For iOS

Leave your notebook at home! These days tablets are king. From reading books and magazines to playing games and video chatting, nothing beats your mobile device. With that in mind, why should taking notes be any different? There are a few simple note taking apps out there, but Fluid Notes is king of them all.

Fluid Notes is a free app that lets you take notes on your iOS device with a stylus or your hand. The app lets you take notes on several types of paper and use different types of writing utensils  Included are line and blank paper. For the latter, you have a ballpoint pen, marker, highlighter, crayon, pencil and much more.

The wow factor is the types of paper included and export options. What use would a note taking app have in this day and age if you couldn't share your works? The other types of paper require unlocking (meaning extra purchases), but it's worth it. Those papers include graph, music manuscript, legal and many more. You can export your notes to PDF format, send them to Dropbox and other cloud services. Finally, you can even zoom in and out for more precision.

A pretty nifty app overall. Since it's free, you can't really go wrong. Who is this for? Anyone who takes notes. Students, doctors, lawyers, construction workers will all get some use from this app.

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