FDDM For iOS and Android

Browsing the web is fairly easy on your mobile device, but sometimes getting the data you want is not. Ditto for your home PC. To obtain images, music and video, we either need to find our way to a website which provides a download service, or utilize some program which runs in the background while bogging down our resources.

The solution? Renkmobil's FDDM is a download manager built into a browser! This browser runs separate from your device's stock web browser app. What makes FDDM unique is it hunts for all page elements that are downloadable and lets you retrieve the data with a simple tap and hold!

The app's home page categorizes elements by Videos & Music, Life Inquiries, Entertainment and "More Sites". Each category contains a bunch of pre-selected sites hosting the content the category name implies. Some will be familiar, while others won't be as much. That said, the app points you in the direction of a lot of content!

It must be said that the browsers ability to tab makes it feel more like you are on your desktop than a mobile device which is great. You can add tabs simply by pressing the "+" icon at the top of the browser. You can download multiple items at once and keep track of them by clicking on the download icon at the top right of the screen. Finally, you can browse through everything you've downloaded using the app by selecting the "library" icon on the top right of the screen.

The cost of the app is free due to ads running at the bottom of the app. It would be nice to see a paid version in the future. Also, a tutorial would be nice. Renkmobil looks for constant feedback, so I'm sure these requests will be implemented at some point.

That said, the app is free and feature packed. It's definitely worth a try. It does way more than advertised. FDDM is available for both iOS and Android.

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