Viatun 4 VPN For Android

If you're surfing the web on your phone more than your desktop these days, two things will cross your mind now more often than it used to. The first will be “Data”. Gone are the days of unlimited data plans for most service providers. The second will be “Security”. Who is tracking your browsing habits? Is your information secure? Are you unknowingly coming across spyware or malware?

The folks at Viatun Software have put together a neat package. Viatun 4 VPN offers a comprehensive and complete package that gives you access to a secure VPN with free anti-virus, a free 3 day trial, competetive rates and promises lightning speeds (data compression up to 80%).

Set up and use is easy as pie. Install, open, enter your email address and then your password is sent to you instantly. From there Viatun is always on (you can disconnect it in your notifications menu). You can do a speed test (pictured above) to test connections speeds on their VPN. You can even change your country (access from foreign IPs).

If you like what you see, you can break the trial and subscribe! Rates start at $1 and go up to $9 ( for 12 months). All in all, a pretty good package all around. There are competitors to this app. The edge Viatun has is that your 3 day trial has no data cap. Sweet!

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