AirHorn for Android

Ever want to surprise or really annoy your friends? How about getting everyone's attention in the nosiest of situations. Well, you could invest in a bullhorn or an airhorn. Good luck hunting one down of good quality and carrying with you. Or in 2013, you could just whip out your smartphone or tablet and press away till everyone stops dead in their tracks! 
Air Horn by Richard Stranberg is just that; an airhorn app for your Android Smartphone or Tablet. There are no frills, bells or whistles here. Simply open the app by tapping the app icon and press away. The airhorn image to be pressed on plays a (loud) airhorn sample for up to 11 seconds. You're only limited by the loudness of your device.
Imagine using this if you were a School Dean, a School Coach, an Authority Figure. Tell the municipalities that this app is another way to reduce budget spending. There is an app for that! If you have speakers for your device, then this app will be a million times worth what you paid for it. Did we mention it is a free download? It's easy, fun and it works. 5 out of 5 stars. 

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