Book Club For Android

Move over Oprah's Book Club. You can compile all of the books you've read, all of the books you're going to read, purchase all of the books you want to buy, order the devices you want to read the books on, all from one app! Enter Book Club by Hexahis for Android. 
Nicely designed with large clunk Windows Phone 8 like graphics, the app is a breeze to get around and easy to figure out without having to look for an info icon. When starting up, you are asked if you would like to create an account. The app also serves as a social media hub, allowing you to share what you've read with your peers. You can choose from your library (books you've read), or create a Pending Read list of books you intend to read in the future.
The app pulls all of its information from Amazon, including the Top Sellers list, which is updated frequently. So you need a decent connection to communicate with the server. This is a free affair. Ads are present but do not take up any significant screen real estate. You can rate reads, follow other the read lists of other app users and export data so you never lose your reading lists. 
This is a convenient download for avid readers and can even find use in the classroom so students can track their readings! We give it 4.5 stars for its easy to use interface, versatility and usability. Definitely worth a download. 

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