Flying Unicorn for iPhone&iPad!

Flappy-Mania is ending no time soon, and developers keep on coming up with new takes on the Tap-To-Flap concept. Hisham Malik has expanded on this concept by bringing the ubiquitous “3 strikes and you’re out” concept to the genre. This creates a great marriage making the often difficult and frustrating flappy game more playable and enjoyable.
Meet The Unicorn
In Flying Unicorn, you tap the screen to make the wings of the Unicorn flap. You must tap to keep the Unicorn airborne. Letting go of the screen or keeping your finger idle on the screen will cause the Unicorn to drop toward the floor. The objective is to get him through the Castle Tower obstacles without hitting any of them. At least in this game, you get three chances. If you inadvertently hit a tower, you are warned with a punching sound. With each collision, the number of lives decreases until you’re depleted.
Differing further from its cousins, you can accumulate medals. You have the opportunity of getting a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Medals. The last two are rather hard to get.
As easy as the game may seem through explanation, especially if you have experience with the other tap-to-flap offerings, Flying Unicorn still remains very challenging. Even with three lives under our belt, we still found ourselves scratching our heads and banging our desks in frustration. This is a great thing. We were not able to get any medals, but after sharing information about the game to some friends, they managed to at least tackle Silver.
Flying Unicorn gets the nod for its cool background music, retro 2D graphics and incorporation of lives to keep the game enjoyable. We will admit, even those tired of the Flappy genre are quick to pick up a new offering to flex their muscle and show off since the genre is so popular. Flying Unicorn is no different in the aspect. The game is addictive and if you are patient, rewarding.

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