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Are you looking for a way to turn an ordinary trip into a wonderful adventure that you’ll never forget without a travelguide? Do you want deeply experience the truth that “getting there is ALL the fun” with your own trip planner? Are you ready to challenge your friends and discover new and exciting places that you won’t find in guide books and travel books?

Then you’ll LOVE Mystery Trip!

***About Mystery Trip – FREE Download***
Based loosely on the popular concept of “orienteering”, Mystery Trip is a unique, remarkable platform that lets you use your local knowledge to design a multi-stop journey for a pre-determined route.

For example, you may know a delightfully unusual and fun way to get from London’s Westminster Bridge to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Once you’ve created your special route, other Mystery Trip users will access clues that navigate them to each stop. They won’t know the final destination or how to get there – which is what makes the experience so mysterious — and magical!

Forget about apps like Mosey and Instago; Mystery Trip has so much more to offer!

And of course, you’ll be able to embark on your very own adventures as you follow the clues left by other users. Who knows what you’ll see, experience and discover along the way? And best of all, downloading Mystery Trip is FREE!

***Not a Local? No Problem!***
As noted above, Mystery Trip lets you show off your local knowledge. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create journeys in other places where you’re less familiar with how to get around. Simply use the built-in map to plot a course in any city, and the app will do the rest by creating a route based on either ‘places of interest’ and ‘random points’. It’s a brilliant way to create an unforgettable adventure for friends across the country, or on the other side of the world!

***Add Unique Twists to Any Trip***
Plus, you can add your own unique twist to any mystery trip by creating random instructions, such as “when it’s safe to do so, exit the Taxi and hail a new one!” Or you can set simple rules like “ride only in double decker buses”. There’s no limit to how you can customize each Mystery Trip!

***Don’t Worry about Getting Lost***
Often, getting lost while on an adventure is all the fun! However, sometimes it’s not such a blast. Well, don’t worry, because Mystery Trip features a handy “hint” function that lets you find your way to the next destination if you stray too far from the path. The trusty direction finder – which turns red as you reach your next destination – will also help you find your way.

***Don’t Follow the Leader – Be the Leader!***
Feel like getting your competitive juices flowing? Mystery Trip lets you compete with other users via leader boards for both time and distance traveled. Plus, each trip is rated, so that the best rise to the top. It’s also a great way for you to learn new and exciting ways to improve your trip design.

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