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You have spent time meticulously creating the perfect office or living space and are now worried about the inevitable – loss, repairs, damage or worse, theft. In the event any of these were to happen, the authorities and insurance companies would be the first point of required contact. How could you prove ownership? Receipts wear out over time. Pictures don’t necessarily suggest ownership. Don’t get started on remembering details such as model numbers, serial numbers and the like. SafeHouse, a new iOS app promises to help sort the madness by organizing all of this information for your own records and for seamless submission to any necessary entity who require it.
How Does It Work?
SafeHouse will first require you to create an account. You can either log in using your Facebook credentials or create a separate exclusive account. We opted for the latter and applaud the developer for allowing both options. After your account is created, you will then be directed to walk through a tutorial and from there setup your profile.
Post account creation; you can then set up a location. This would be whichever establishment you wish to keep record of. Required info here includes the name and address of the location, plus a photo of the location. After this is done, all of the fun begins.
On The Record
Each establishment requires the creation of rooms. If this was your home, examples might include your Bedroom, Kitchen and Dining Room. Were it your office, then perhaps you could separate them by cubicle or area. Creating rooms is as simple as tapping on the plus icon on the top right of the display.
When your room is created, you can then add items. Tapping on the plus icon while in a room will let you enter an item. Items can be put into categories. Categories for items include everything from Art and Children/Baby, to Electronics and Sporting Equipment; fifteen categories total. From there, you enter in the value of the item, purchase date, the retailer (where you purchased the item), Model Number, Serial Number, Receipt and notes on the item. For the last 3, pictures can be taken for further proof. Never worry again about losing that receipt or forgetting the exact serial number. You can take a picture of it with your device or pull a picture from your gallery, and it along with the other information will now be stored in the app.
Every time an item is added or removed, the value of the overall room will increase or decrease in real time. The same exists for the value of the overall location. This can be verified on each display.
In Action
All of the information can be exported to a CSV file which can then be sent to any entity that requires the information. Info is also stored securely on the cloud according the SafeHouse. You can also link other email addresses to your account via the settings menu which could prove to be very useful for corporate settings.
SafeHouse wins in a lot of categories. We fell in love with the interface. Navigating is a breeze. The tutorial walks you through navigation and actually requires you to initiate app-specific actions so you know how to get around from the start.  This is another one of those “why didn’t I think of it first?” applications. If you are looking for a way to store all of your receipts and track all of your purchases for that added feeling of security and efficiency, SafeHouse should be your first choice. At a price of limited time price free, this download is a no-brainer. 

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