Battle Bombs for iOS, Android & WindowsPhone!

Sometimes old things just won’t die, especially if what we’re talking about was a great idea. Many of those ideas happen to be classic videos games of yesteryear. 1980s Video Game hits and nostalgia is here to stay along with its grainy graphics, shrill sounds and simple but addictive gameplay. The shooter genre founded by games such as Metroid and Bomberman have been updated on newer platforms with advanced multiplayer capability and other cool features, while retaining their 8 bit signature graphics and sound. Battle Bombs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone is one such game, allowing for up to eight players to bombs and destroy while picking up cool items along the way.
Bombs Away
The opening screen for Battle Bombs takes you straight to the action with two options, Quick Match and Offline Match. Quick Match lets you play against seven other players online while Offline Match lets you play against bots. Once you select the mode, you are then asked to create a name and your character is then created. From there, you can choose one of four maps and then your game begins. Like the game it is based on, it is your job to plant bombs to blow up obstacles and of course trap opponents. Movement is made with a virtual joystick allowing for movement in one of four directions.
Planting bombs is as simple as pressing the bomb button when you land any particular square. After planting a few bombs, you can pick up an activator which will let you plant bombs, move to a different square and activate the bombs from afar. Along the way, you can pick up several items, all of which are kept track on a meter on the bottom of the display. There is a timer, so you have to work against the clock and do as much damage as possible while staying alive. Should you get hit by the bomb of another player or from yourself, you lose instantly and the game goes into spectator mode. From there, you can watch the game as other players or the bots continue on until the game is set.
Battle Bombs is simple yet fun. We would have liked to see a tutorial for newcomers. We were able to pick up game play after a few plays and from learning more about the game it is based on online. If you are a fan of classic shooter games and crave multiplayer situations, you will appreciate that the game is multiplatform which can tap into a large userbase. 

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