Wartah for Windows Phone!

Have you ever seen the show “Are you smarter than a fifth grader”? While adults surly have more knowledge and experience than youngsters, after watching shows like that, it is clear that the old adage holds true, “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. Thankfully, there are dozens of games and exercises one can play to continuously train their brain. Some of those exercises are simple and stick to the fundamentals as that is what everything is based on. Wartah for Windows Phone aims to make sure you stay on top of your colors and addition problems to keep you as fast as a whip.
Pick And Add
Wartah has a very simple premise, you have to choose colors and add before without allowing too much time to elapse. You are presented with three colors to choose from and you have to choose the one indicated by the text. From there, you are given an addition problem to solve. Once you get that, it’s off to the next one. At times you are tricked. The order is typically color to math, but in many instances, you may get up to five colors in a row. Math problems go from adding single to double digit numbers or two double digit numbers. Our highest score in our initial test was 6767 which wasn’t bad. A quick look at the Top 10 highest scores will show numbers significantly higher. You can also win prizes which adds some coolness to the pot.
Wartah is simple and fun. While the game is perfectly fine for adults, the game would be perfect for pre-algebra students as a nice way to keep them alert and on task. With a simple interface and easy premise there was really no need to look at a game overview or peer in that deep to figure things out. If you’re looking for a great way to kill time and stay math-smart, then Wartah is a good grab. 

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