Next Business Tycoon for Android!

Next Business Tycoon is an actions based business strategy game 
in which you compete with players from around the world in the race to become the world strongest company!
In Next Business Tycoon you manage your company in various fields: Buy concessions, manage transportation lines, buy and sell resources in the world market, 
lead investments (Soccer team, mining companies and more…), perform R&D and many more.
As you grow other companies will try to bring you down and may perform unformal attacks on you including
hacking steal and destroy attacks, make sure your security levels are high and well organized.
Passive or aggressive its up to you to determine your company strategy. you can choose to attack other companies destroying their assets or stealling money, or fucusing on your business to generate more revenues and move up the ranking.
Next business tycoon offers a wide variety of fields in which a player can develope leaving much room for thought and strategy. Business tycoon world map provides visual view of world companies levels and ranks.
Business Tycoon main features:
1. Business: manage business places starting from small Coffe shops to malls real estates and many more.
2. Transportaion: Manage transportaion lines like taxies trains and airplanes.
3. Concessions: Buy concessions to diffrent field for example war industry Commerce and many more.
4. Resources: Mine and trade resources in the world sites and trade market. salt,iron, aluminum, copper, silver, oil, gold, Diamonds and gems.
5. Investments: Soccer team, army experimnts company and many more investments that allows you to perform diffrent operation in the world market.
6. World sites: Diffrent famous sites in the world like NBA, Camp Nou stadium in which you can exercise your investments for revenues.
7. R&D: Upgrade your company with R&D.
8. Communication: comunicate with other players to start an alliance, agree on truce or any other purpose.
Attack other companies and secure your company from enemies attacks.
Many more…

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