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Once you go White, you’ll know what’s right? Once you go Black, you’ll never go back? Once you go Rican, you’ll be sure for the Weekend? Once you go Asian, you’ll always deal with Persuasion? Are these clichés? Yes. Are these sayings controversial? Perhaps they are. However, if you’re one of the millions of people who prefer to step out of the column they have checked off to describe themselves for years to find the perfect partner in their eyes, then this is the app you may have been looking for.
Mix It Up
Let’s face, what was once taboo decades ago and still is in some circles, is exactly what people want, no matter how you slice it and dice it. These days Interracial pairings are on the rise. Whether someone is attracted to a different color or skin tone, people are going to go for what they like. Mixed Match.com for Android supports this. It is a dating app that lets you find people who are different but the same.
Like most dating apps, you can search for users using different criteria. You can filter by height, body type, eye color, hair color, job type, location and even dating status. This app differs from the pack in that it has statuses such as “In Love”, “Player” and it even lets you check off multiple statuses. You may be in love with someone but looking for some fun with your partner. This will let you do that also.
Also, you can take advantage of the Speed Dating feature and receive quick matches to which you can invite or decline. You can also block users, message users, bookmark users and send winks. This puts it on par with the major dating apps that we have come to know well.
Dating apps have a lot in common, but what makes them ever so popular and lucrative is the demographic they cater to. Mixed Match pulls no punches and gives people exactly what they want. Facebook is required to sign up at the moment and we would like to see the app allow for creating accounts without Facebook, though we can understand that for a growing app, it is best to cut down on spam accounts, and using Facebook as the portal achieves just that. Mixed Match has a lot of potential and caters to people who are looking for something very specific. Give it a shot!

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