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These days everyone is sharing everything. Whether it is the pasta they just ate, concert they just visited, paradise they just traveled to or graduation they just attended, everyone wants the entire world to know what they’re doing, when they did it and where they were. Tons of apps and social media sites let you check into to places globally to give your followers a glimpse into where you might be, but what if you could get more specific? Well, Phodo lets you do just that.
Phodo Finish
Phodo is a Social Network unto to its own that lets you pin places on a map and post pictures respective of those pinned places. Followers can view where you’ve been via the map and by just checking out your profile. Using the camera of your device, you can snap pictures or take pictures from your gallery and post them on each pin. Like many popular social networks, users can send friend requests, follow other users and leave comments on pics, and why not? The whole purpose is to let friends and enthusiasts know where you have been. You can be a bragger and create collections of photos taken in specific places, or create a super map where you travel up and down your favorite coast and let your friends gawk in awe at all of the stops you’ve made along the way. Like most social networks, you have an editable profile where you can set up a profile pic and enter some information about yourself.
Photo is a no-frills app. It is extremely easy to set up and use and navigation is as easy as pie. From the beginning you have a clear idea of how to use the app and anyone with experience on any social network will feel right at home right away. If you want to show they world where you’ve been, Phodo has a lot of potential and can do just that.

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