Treasure Hunt Brain Game for Android!

This fun and new brain-teasing logic game offers you 5 times the challenge, 5 times the fun!
Win the challenges, get the treasure!
Enter the ultimate brain gaming arena!
With 5 ways to play, each more difficult than the other, this amazingly cool game challenges you to click, sail, switch, remember, and jump to win your treasures!
Can you handle the ultimate brain game challenges and complete all 5 exciting levels of play? Keep your brain sharp and have lots of fun!
Treasure Hunt Features:
- Fun brain games
- Awesome graphics
- Cool logic game action
- Amazingly well designed
- Brilliantly created game app
- Excellent game layout and input
- Easy to understand brain-twisting to play
- Brain-teasing, logic-game action at its very best
Challenge your brain! Challenge your memory! Challenge you friend’s brains and memories!
But most of all, have lots of fun with this fantastic logic puzzle game!
Good luck!

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