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If there’s anything that men usually fail at when it comes to relationships, it’s remembering significant dates, what our significant other likes, other peculiarities and knowing how to communicate with her when she’s at her most vulnerable. At least that’s what the sitcoms portray. I am one of those who doesn’t suffer from this affliction, but my girlfriend constantly reminds me of how great I am for paying attention to the little stuff. Well, now there’s an app for those folks. “How Did He Know?” (HDHK),  through a serious of questions generates a cornucopia of tips, suggestions, shopping and pampering advice to keep you on your toes and more importantly, keep your girlfriend happy.
The Questionnaire
For the app to work, the first time you fire up the app, you are guided through ten base questions. These include things like her name, birthday, whether she celebrates Valentine’s Day and more personal questions like the first day of her most recent period. You can stop there, but there are twice as many optional questions. I answered them for fun just to see if really know my girlfriend (and got them all right!). Answering these questions makes the subsequent suggestions more precise, so it is strongly advised that you answer as many questions as you can. Once you’re finished, the fun begins.
First you can check out Tips. These detailed tips give you a short suggestion to reflect on. From there you can scroll for an elaboration. This spans several pages. The first, “What’s Going On” lets you know how she might feel depending on the day of her monthly cycle. “Your Best Bet” gives you advice and recommendations. “HDHK + Help” elaborates on the previous explanation while the final page suggests places where you can take her. These suggestions fall in categories. These same categories can be accessed from the main screen. These include Hotels, Salon & Spa, Flowers, Dining, Jewelry, Experiences, Fashion and Sweet Treats. These suggestions consist of Exclusive Offers which come from establishments that are either well-known or nearby.
At the end of the day, it is better to really know your partner. That said, HDHK is a nice offering which can perhaps help you come up with some approaches, outings and gifts that you may never have come up with on your own. You can tell that a lot of care went into breaking things down in such a way that men can empathize. If you’re looking for some great suggestions, tips on how to make your girlfriend feel appreciated or just want to test to see how well you know your partner, HDHK deserves a look.

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