Cogxio Android App Review

After a while all dating apps appear to be the same. If you’ve been on one, then you’ve been on them all. The browsing profiles, the awkward icebreakers and rejections. Ouch! Every once in a while though, a new site or app with a different spin comes along and shakes things up. Cogxio does just that by introducing the concept of Hyper-Local Recommendations.
Educated & Interesting
Cogxio makes it clear that its demographic is the educated and interesting market. You can search for interests or state your own by using their tagging system. For example, you could search for users who made use of the IT tag for the computer software diagnostic crowd. Rather than browsing long lists of profiles, Cogxio works around the map. Potential matches are shown in a particular search radius. You can select profiles this way or the more traditional way of browsing through them one by one, but of those in your area.
Once you find someone you like, you can click on the match icon which saves them to a favorites list of sorts and send them a notification. You can even send short introductions. These short intros force you to keep your initial contacts straight and to the point. No awkwardness required. Finally, you can then choose attractions, events and restaurants in your area. Why go through the long process of searching for things to do using your web browser? Cogxio lends a helping hand here.
Cogxio takes a slightly different approach. By streamlining the introduction process and using Hyper-Local recommendation, finding someone who doesn’t live eight towns away has never been eaiser. Profiles are easy to read and the best part which we didn’t mention earlier is that Cogxio requires profile verification! Using any number of IDs, you can verify that you are a real person. Say goodbye to the Date-O-Sphere which is littered with bots and fake profiles galore.

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