Ratch for Android!

A King Milon can go out in the wild with all the knowledge and skill to survive and search for another place to live and create its own kingdom. The ultimate goal is to free as many King Milons as possible.
But to do this, you will need the resources gathered by Defender Milons.
But beware of Ratch, the enemy of Milons!!!
Ratch wanders about the forest, searching for a chance to go inside Milons’ home. If the gate is open Ratch will find the perfect opportunity to get inside.
If Ratch gets inside, the Milons must be prepared to defend themselves.
If Defender Milons remains inside it will try to stop Ratch.
Try to create as many Milons as you can to keep the kingdom alive, and send more King Milons out in the wild, to spread these wonderful creatures in the world.

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