Beyond Pool 3D Hole In One Android App Review

If you are a pool fanatic who doesn’t have time to get the pool hall and are a beast at using a pinball machine, you will fall head over boots in love with Beyond Pool 3D. This game from Nlightnin Production will give you a challenge that would not be possible find on any pool table your standard brick and mortar pool hall.
The Wildside
The full title of the game is Beyond Pool 3D Hole In One because your job is not just to make the shot, but to do it with the first ball in a set of five. Set on a realistic wooden table, you are presented with five silver balls. Using realistic physics, you then snap your ball back and a line is drawn across the table showing you the direction of the ball. Once snapped back, the ball follows the path you created. Your aim is to make the shot. Sound simple? Wait until you move to the next level. Each subsequent level gets harder and harder with obstacles thrown in the mix to make getting the ball in a hurculean task.
With 250+ levels, chill music, different playing modes and multiple camera angles to give you different perspectives, Beyond 3D delivers. The included long tutorial will give you the hang of the game while teaching you tricks along the way. When we said the game gets tough we mean it. Don’t count on making direct shots all of the time. Sometimes you will have to bounce the ball off of obstacles or the sides of the table to get the ball in. This game for certain will keep you busy.
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