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We are always looking for new ways to communicate using our mobile devices and thus move from chat app to chat app in search of the holy grail. The problem is, they’re all rehashes of the same concept. From the AIM the dinosaur up to Facebook Messenger, all let you text, share images and even video. Clickclap on the other hand takes the genre to a whole new level by making communicating as two taps and an emoticon.
Clickclap is an app that allows you to share short videos, comment on profiles by matching up your submissions with emoticons. After registering your phone number and viewing a quick tutorial, you can begin communicating with other users. You can seach for users by browsing and filtering paramters such as Sports and Interests. Once selected, you can add friends, call them, comment on their profiles or even send them short videos.
Under Grimaces, you can attach a short video to an emoticon. Other users can then select emoticons that match up with users and then communicate with them. Its Mon Coin is an internal currency that can be used for actions within the app. It allows you to market, communicate and even use the platform for Crowdfunding.
Clickclap is a unique app with a lot of potential. You can take short seven second videos, add background music and a bunch of filters before you send them out to others. As these videos get saved on your profile, you can use the app as a vlog or video diary, your own personal video history, or “vistory” as the developers call it. If you are looking for a new way to communicate, or share cool short vlogs on any social network, Clickclap deserves a look.

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