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It might seem like that at some point, developers will run out of ideas for exciting games. When in doubt, reinvention is the best way to capture attention. With some forty years of video games under our belt, repitition is bound to happen. If you can repackage something and add a modern twist, you can open eyes and make what had once fallen out of style loved by a new audience. Geometry Pong has done just that by taking pong to another level.
Pong Revisited
Geometry Pong has the same premise as the original pong game from the late 1970s, but adds some challenges to the mix. There are three game modes - normal, hard and impossible. Like a game of tennis, you have to get the ball from one side of the court to the other, but in Geometry Pong, there are characters to swoop in from horizontally to screw up your vertical path. Your job is to get from the bottom to the top of the screen while collecting coins along the way
By tapping on the screen, you can cut your path midway and return to the closest springboard. So, if enemey characters zoom into the court from the left, by tapping, you can go back to the springboard from the bottom or top to move out of the way. Hit an enemy and its game over. Hard and Impossible make the enemy characters come in faster and more frequently. You’ve been warned.
Geometry Pong is fun and challenging. Couple this with the fact that you can upgrade your character if you collect enough coins and you have a nice reinvention of the classic pong game on your hands.
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