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With the holiday season upon us and the gift buying in full swing, many of us forget to slow down, relax and have some fun. Sure there are enough ugly sweaters, Candy Land board games and Christmas flicks to go around, but what about just enjoying each other’s company and being grateful for the life’s most important things? With Voice Changer, you can celebrate just that by fooling your friends to think that you are up to nine different people by changing your voice.
Change It Up
Voice Changer allows you to record your voice and then apply one of any of the nine included effects to change the tonal quality of your voice. Once only available to the priciest of recording studios, you can do it quickly and easily on your device. The nine included effects are Helium, Giant, Robot, Cave, Monster, Nervous and Drunk. As expected, Helium and Giant will give make your voice sound like a chipmunk or a huge monster respectively. Robot does a decent job at giving your voice a monotone quality. Cave adds reverb putting you in a huge space, while Nervous and Drunk time shifts your voice so the tone doesn’t change, but the speed of the recorded audio does.
If you’re looking to prank friends or have fun, the Voice Changer would be a great choice. That said, the app has so many other potential applications. Since the app applies effects offline, it makes a great tool for DJs, recording artists and in live performances. It would be great if the app gave settings controls so for effects like Cave and Nervous, the reverb length and audio speed could be adjusted. All in all, voice over is a cool simple app that can be used in a variety of settings.
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