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Growing up, I had a huge affinity with Tetris. From the Russian-inspired background music to frantically orienting shapes as they dropped from the top of my monitor, the entire affair seemed seemed like an art. For the masses and developers alike, it opened the door to other successful shape manipulation games, Structure for iOS takes this genre in a new and challenging direction.
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The game is simple. You are charged with stacking blocks on top of one another perfectly, and we mean perfectly. The blocks are actually thin red rectangles which fall from the sky on a plain white background. When blocks fall onto the platform of other blocks, the most recent block shifts in any number of directions until it falls off.
Structure Is All About Stacking | GiveMeApps
It’s your job to tap the screen so the block stays in place. If you wait too long, the portion of the block which tips over the edge of the others falls off, in turn making the next block which falls the size of the previous one minus the part which was shaved.
Make sense? Good. Enough blunders and your blocks will end up being super tiny, which means stacks become harder and harder to create. Imagine if 90% of the original block was gone due failed efforts by you. Latter blocks would be super tiny and almost impossible to stack. Can’t stack a block? Oh well, sucks for you. Game over.
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Structure is super simple and fun. It lacks background music and other bells and whistles, but the challenge is more than enough to keep you going. If you love Tetris and other shape based games, this will be right up your alley.
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