Tarzan Space Jumper Android App Review

 “Get Down To Basics” is often said when things get a bit too complicated and simplicity is yearned. With the smorgasbord of intricate shoot ‘em up, crossword puzzles and maze games on the market, it is nice to see a company get back to the basics. With just two arrows and a small character, Tarzan Space Jumper for Android expects you to stay alive.
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Once installed, the start screen displays buttons for muting background music, access to the leaderboard and a Google + sign in. There is no tutorial, but one instructional overlay when you begin gameplay. The objective is to have your character continue to jump and not fall to the ground below.

Movement is controlled by arrows which appear at the bottom of the screen for the first few seconds. You can move left or right. We initially thought movement was achieved with tapping the buttons, but you can keep your fingers pressed on either side to have your character continue to move. Movement is smooth.
You Have To Jump High If You Want To Stay Alive!
You get points for hitting ships which look like pods. Hit a ship on the way up and you move up further. Hit a ship on the way down and you bounce right back up, giving you a chance to hit other ships. It may seem simple, but you have to be quick to move, otherwise you will run out of opportunities to hit ships and it’s game over.
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Tarzan Space Jumper is a primer in game simplicity, a great example of minimalism which will take you back to the golden age of eight bit home video game systems. If you are looking for a way to kill time and challegne your trigger finger, this game might be it.
Link To App (Android)
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