Endure Now for iPhone & iPad!

This is not your typical fitness or dieting app like all the rest in the App Store. You will be put to the maximum test where your diet is very restricted. And after completing this program, you will reap the immense rewards that are to follow. This app may guarantee results if you successfully stick to the program. It does not get any simpler than this! We tell you exactly what to eat every single day for the next 30 days! We EVEN provide you with a shopping list for your weekly meals! Keep your diet on point and do not stray from the given meals! We cannot stress how important it is to control yourself. If you aren't ready to endure for the next 30 days of your life, then stop this program right now. No exercise is required with this program. Only dietary restrictions apply. If you are tired of all of these useless weight loss gimmicks and doing strange exercises to burn away all of your fat, then you have finally came to the right place. And you get it all for JUST $1 for a limited time! 

We are not held responsible for any injuries, stress, medical or health issues, or even death, that may result from you using this app. As when starting any diet, please consult your physician about pursuing this diet.
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