TallyPort for iPhone&iPad!

TallyPort is your ultimate interactive travel companion - it is a travel app that allows you to check-in to over 17,000 airports worldwide and record every flight you take. The more you fly, the more you build your own ‘travel fingerprint’ and climb the rankings ladder against your friends and the globe. Download the free app today and get travelling!

Track Your Travel:
As you travel from one city to another, TallyPort will map and display on an interactive globe every route of travel you have taken to create your own ‘travel fingerprint’.

Rank Your Mileage Against Your Friends:
Consider yourself a jetsetter? The more times you fly, the higher up the rankings ladder you will be against your friends.

Connect With Friends Globally:
Ever wondered which of your friends are in the same city as you? With TallyPort, you can see who is in your current city to connect with, and who has recently visited to ask for tips on the town.

Statistical Data:
Number of flights, average trips per year, most visited cities….TallyPort tracks it all with a detailed statistics screen unique to each user.

Your Check-in and Check-out are more accurate now with location services. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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