Farm Family Android App Review

Who knows. You may never become a millionaire, founder of a major city or leave a footprint in the world of dairy, but in Farm Family you can be all of the above in this fantasy entrepreneurial simulation. Here, your job is a tend fertile farm soil, harvest rich crops, create organic foods in a factory and supply the products to the nearby city to sustain itself.
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The game is complicated in scope. A lot of functionality is packed with in with detailed tutorials. Aside from an info slideshow which you can refer to as needed, the earlier levels have an on screen guide which will walk you through all of the steps required to get you up and running.
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As expected, like other hit farm games, you start out with rich soil and have to plant seeds. From there, you wait for your crops to grow. This and other processes can be sped up by tapping on diamonds which will cost you currency. Once the crops grow and are ready to harvest, you can send them off to the factory to create products. Healthy is the operative word here. You can find dairy, vegetables and fruits. Once these items are made in the factory ovens, you’re ready for your next step.
Build A Farm And Supply The Nearby City In Farm Family
The store is where your products end up and these products are sold by workers which you hire. Workers can be trained, rewarded and fired! Each level has a goal such as harvesting a certain number of crops, selling a number of items or building something. Failing to get the tasks done in a certain amount of time makes for a prompt “game over” message.
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The share amount of gameplay, tutorials, detailed graphics and variety made playing Farm Family a fun experience. If you have never joined the build-a-town and create-products band wagon, Farm Family will give you a strong entry point. The game is currently available on Android and will soon come to iOS.
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