Prankholic for iPhone/iPad & Android!

Are you bored? Everybody is!
Send your buddy a prank sound he never expected!
When you see him or her waiting in a line, make him fart. Enjoy the moment, make a video, upload it on, then brag about your victim.
The same can happen to you! Life is gonna be fun.
PrankHolic is an app for sending prank sounds (ie. farts, burps, sighs, yells …) or funny remarks (ie. nice boobs, sexy ass, kiss me …) to your friend´s smartphone, especially when they least expect it. Just download the app and get everybody who wants to have fun.
- send prank sounds and funny remarks with just a click
- send messages
- add friends to your list and manage them
- Make waiting in lines fun.
- No more boring meetings, commutes…
- Make a video and upload it onto
- The app is addictive. No more boredom.
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