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Whenever a new game is released that showcases a new concept, we jump for joy, especially if the game is fun and challenging. unWired aims to do just that all while promoting spacial reasoning and problem solving skills. Perfect for the kid who is soaking up information like a sponge or the seasoned adult who keep the machine which is their brain well oiled. It’s also available for iOS.
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The premise of unWired is fairly simple. You are charged dragging dots on the screen until the lines which connect them untangle. Sounds easy right? Well, it starts off that way. Lines which overlap are colored red. Once they are dragged apart and no longer overlap, they turn green. Still sound easy?
Untangle All Of The Lines In unWired
unWired includes a short tutorial which shows you exactly what described. As expected, early levels are straight forward. You work with fewer dots and likewise, fewer lines to untangle. Things pick up quickly however as you advance. Eventually, you get many dots and lines to work with, sometimes compromised by screen real estate, which means lines will be harder to unravel.
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222 levels are included along with cool saves such as skip and time bombs. Did we mention you’re playing against the clock? With soft background music and sharp retina graphics, unWired will be a fun experience. We enjoyed it for sure.
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