Binary Options Robot Android App Review

If you are a Forex aficionado and are looking for ways to maximize your profits, then Binary Options Robot deserves a look. The app promises 100% automated Binary Trading. Whether you’re at the beach and have no access to your device or are in hawk mode and watching every trade move, Binary Options Robot seeks to be your go-to app for everything Forex.
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The app acts more of a shell that gives you an access portal to the Binary Options Robot site. After you create an account, you have access to the dashboard which is the brain of the app. Here you can track payouts, toggle signals, trade options, manage risk levels, and view your assets. VIP mode gives you more features such as configuring signal providers and the ability to manage limits to oversee risk.
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Being that the app functions more as a shell, it means most of the activity actually takes place on the app’s website rather than the app itself. You also can configure your choice of currency pairs and engage in reverse trading.
Binary Options Robot is completely automated
Linking your bank account is necessary to engage in trading along with a minimum deposit. Once you register and follow through on the confirmation and activation email, you’ll be ready for Forex trading. With payouts as high as $67,000, it would be a no brainer to not get involved.
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