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Who doesn’t want to get involved in trading? Whether it’s because you’ve seen movies like “Boiler Room” or “Wolf On Wall Street” or you catch the morning financial news and dream of cashing out big time but have no market experience, it would be great if you could just “test the ropes” to get a feel for what it is really like.
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IQ Option $1000 Free Demo does just that. Here, you get $1000 in practice money to play with thus mitigating any risk. Not only do you get the $1000, but you can invest and trade like you would in Forex with no limitations! Imagine raking in huge returns and taking massive losses without any worries. IQ Option $1000 Free Demo lets you do just that.
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To use the app, you simply download it and get to work. The left menu is the center of operations. In addition to the “$1000” you can acquire promo codes here which can help you obtain even more lucractive bonuses. You can also get live Forex rates, Forex news as well as a tutorial. You can also adjust notifications settings and check out your notifications history.

IQ Option Free $1000 Demo Lets You Get In On The Action Safely
The app lets you also get access to US Brokers. If you are trying to get your feet wet in Forex trading, IQ Option $1000 Free Demo is a good choice. Who wouldn’t want to trade without risks?
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