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One of the greatest things about owning an Android device is the level of customization available. You can really personalize your phone or tablet and make it unique. When upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S3 after owning a Blackberry for a few years, I was thrilled with simple things like 3D wallpaper and custom notifications. App It Up takes this a step further by using funny audio snippets from unique characters for your missed calls, text messages and battery levels
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App It Up allows you to receive notifications for missed calls, missed text messages and for when your battery is at 100%, 40%, 17% and 1% levels. You can choose to have the notication play back to back or after a time intervals of three minutes, five minutes or ten minutes. After accepting the EULA, the start screen prompts you to set notifications for battery levels or missed calls and texts. From there, you can specify your gender. This is important as content changes by gender.
With App It Up! You Can Even Set Alerts For Battery Levels!
We started out with our gender being female. There, you have the option of your alerts being read aloud by a butler, NASA, an alternate butler, Hanz (which is a funny german character with the humor of Bronson Pinchot) and a wise guy. Choosing the gender of male introduces a “sexy girl” character.
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When you total everything, you end up with close to 50+ different audio messages that can be played as notifications for the aforementioned. Our favorite was Hanz. When set for missed calls or missed text messages, he says “Because you think you’re fancy? No, I’m fancy. You no”. We can guarantee that App It Up will turn heads because these notifications are truly unique. Some of them are pretty long with some of Hanz’s phrases lasting over 10 seconds. If you’re looking for unique notifications and laughs from people nearby, App It Up! deserves a look.
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