Space Rush 3D Android App Review

Space and Sci-Fi will always reign supreme in the gaming market. From the introduction of Space Invaders on the original 1970s Atari Consoles, video games with space themes give the 99% of people who will never be on the staff of NASA some measure of dream fulfillment. Space Rush 3D captures that spirit for all of the would-be space explorers out there with an Android device.
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In Space Rush 3D, your job is to maneuver around asteroids (which can kill you), energy bands (which can kill you), projectiles (which can kill you) and collect resources (which help you stay alive). To move around, swiping right helps you to swipe right, swiping left gets you to move left. Swiping downward activates a force field to protect you from energy bands, while swiping upward lets you shoot at objects. You can double tap to release bombs to break through asteroids, though the number of bombs you have are limited.
Space Rush 3D Gives You Different Space Craft To Choose From
To make any inroads in the game, you have to complete levels. You can get a glimpse of all of the levels required to be completed by viewing “story” on the game start screen. Here you can also adjust background music and sound effects level, as well as viewing the leaderboard and external game modes which are challenges outside of the levels required to be completed.
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Gameplay in Space Rush 3D takes a little time to get used to, but once you understand how to maneuver your spacecraft, you’ll be off and running. The graphics are pretty good and in the earlier levels, your biggest challenge will involve getting your spaceship to go where you want it to go. You can use in app purchase for upgrades and there are even options to view ads to continue on current levels after you die.
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