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Just when you thought no more Flappy Bird styled games could be released, game developers find more ways to carve out new sub niches to keep enthusiasts on their toes. Ghora takes the flappy concept to another level by adding a cool sci-fi story line, flat graphics, objects and a bit of Star Trek to the mix
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The story of Ghora begins with your spaceship and a beautiful planet named Ghora. Your job is to collect as many resources as you can a find your way out. Resources appear as coin like objects, some small and some large. You can also collect what looks like missiles which will allow you to accelerate for a while.
Ghora Is Flappy Bird Meets Sci-Fi
So what is the flappy connection? Crash into anything and it’s game over. Navigation involves you keeping your finger on the screen to fly upwards. Letting go of the screen forces you to plummet. Sometimes rock formations above and below you will narrow forcing you to think strategically about how long you will need to keep your finger on or off the screen. Good luck.
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What makes Ghora a pleasure to play are the graphics and sound. The background and characters are all in the flat style of design and incorporate a lot of pastels. The game play is pretty straight forward and if you have any experience with other flappy style games, navigation shouldn’t be hard to pick up on. All in all, Ghora is lots of fun.
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