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The mobile gaming platform is approaching a decade in age. With the plethora of games in almost every genre imaginable available, there is bound to be some monotony and repetitiveness. At the least, games that are released in an already crowded space needs to have something unique to offer. Panda Bubble Pop aims to keep those who love shooting bubbles enthused.
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While Panda Bubble Pop does what you expect, which is pop three bubbles of the same color, the technique involved in accomplishing this is slightly different. Rather than shooting bubbles with a bubble gun, you actually throw bubbles up to pop others. Like other games in the genre, you get the “realistic physics”. You can aim the bubble and view the trail which the bubble will follow, allowing you to get perfect shots in every time.
Panda Bubble Pop Is A Bubble Shooter With A Few Surprises
The game has over 100 levels with additional levels promised to be added frequently, which is enough to keep you busy for quite some time. Each level is considered completed once you clear all of the bubbles and free the birds. If you are strategic with your shots and can free all of the birds before clearing entire levels (which is the case with most bubble shooters), the level automatically clears. Each level is rated from one to three stars. Higher ratings are attained when levels are completed with a minimum amount of moves.
Will you like Panda Bubble Pop? If you’re into bubble shooters, the answer will be a resounding yes. Will this game stand out from the other ones which crowd the genre? Barely so is the right answer. What’s nice is that levels do not have to be cleared by matching colors over and over. There is no such thing as too much of a good thing right? If that’s your attitude, then you have every reason to be excited about this game.
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