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 I remember purchasing my first mobile phone back in 2001 from VoiceStream (remember them?) with much excitement. Any elation I had wore off when I received my first bill. This was when competitive call plans started at 300 min/month, and unlimited data wasn’t even a “thing” yet. Needless to say, being conservative with usage was a way of life until VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) providers made their way to the scene and Wifi calling became a reality a few years later. Now it was possible to make calls as well as send content without having to keep your eye on the needle as long as there was a Wifi connection nearby.
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As with cell providers, all VOIP services are not created equal. Roam Frii is a relative newcomer who has entered the mobile landscape with competitive plans, intuitive operation and amenities to which they claim will have you turning your all of your devices (tablets and smartphones) into “new phones”.
Roam Frii allows you make free calls to other Roam Frii users. This literally means you can make calls anywhere in the world without spending a cent as long as the recipient has the app installed. As with many other chat and VOIP apps, you can also send images, messages, videos and other content. “Free” actually means free when you’re on a Wifi connection. If you’re on 3G or 4G, then you’re back to keeping an eye on data usage with respect to your carrier plan.
Roam Frii allows you to send credits to other users
Roam Frii doesn’t stop with Wifi Calls and data sharing. Like its competitor Skype, you can also make international calls. Roam Frii offers extremely competitive rates. If you’re calling the U.S. from abroad or locally, then you’re doing it at the tune of $.01 per minute. Yes, you read that correctly. A 15 minute call then is just 15 cents. Monthly plans also exist. You can call China for a little less than $13/month. You can even purchase mobile minutes if you want to pay as you go.
Call Quality is extremely clear as advertised. Roam Frii claims Crystal Clear HD quality. In real world testing, this is achieved with a strong Wifi connection. Your mileage may vary depending on connection quality. There is a voicemail feature which will send you an SMS to alert you that you received a message once you’re online. You can go “offline” if you wish to not be disturbed.
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Navigation in Roam Frii is painless. A menu at the bottom of the screen is visible at all times. From right to left you have your Keypad, Contacts, Messages and Me. The Keypad lets you make calls. Contacts displays contacts. Contacts are automatically imported from existing contacts in your device. You can send invites to others. When invites are accepted, they appear in your contact list. Messages lets you send messages to contacts. You can also send messages from the Contacts menu by selecting a contact. Here you can also send content (pics, videos, files, etc). “Me” houses your account settings. Here you can update your profile picture and update your contacts by syncing the contacts in your device with the app.
Other than a little GUI update, there is little to criticize about Roam Frii. If you’ve used other services such as Skype, or even Tango, the learning curve is almost non-existent. You’ll be up and running fairly quickly. There are some nice pluses such as the ability to send credits to other users and being able to work on virtually any data network including Gogo Inflight. Will Roam Frii overtake the more established services? That remains to be seen, but we can confidently say that they’re off to a great start and have lots to woo even the most faithful users of other applications.
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